Lokal Skate Supply Slide Blocks Size Guide for Roller Skates

Lokal Skate Supply launched their own slide blocks for roller skates. Here's a guide on how to get your size so you can do stalls and grinds in the skate park. 

Choose the correct size of slide blocks for your roller skates with this guide: 

STEP 1: Using a tape measure, measure the space between your kinpins 

These are the kinpins of your roller skates if you're wondering:

STEP 2: Refer to measurement A of our size chart. This should be smaller or close to the measurement you got earlier between your roller skate kingpins. 


TIP: You can also measure the space between your kingpins this way. We recommend to size down if you get the exact same number in our size chart as measurement A. 


Guide on how to install these slide blocks on your roller skates is found on this post.

These slide blocks are also available to purchase in our Shopee and Lazada shops. 

With these slide blocks, you can now do stalls and grids in the skate park! Did you know the Philippines also has its share of skate parks?

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