How to Install Slide Blocks on Roller Skates

Now that you have a pair of slide blocks for your roller skates to use in the skate park, we will show you how to install these on your skates.

You can refer to this photo of the anatomy of roller skates to get a clearer picture on the instructions. 

You can also refer to this video guide on our Tiktok account:

STEP 1: Unscrew the kingpin nuts to expose the kingpin using your T tool. 

STEP 2: Remove the bushing (or cushion) cover, the conical bushing, the truck, the cylindrical bushing, and the last bushing cover.

STEP 3: If your skates have a washer, you have to remove it as well

STEP 4: Repeat steps 1-3 for the other set of wheels. You need to expose both the kingpins of the front and back set of wheels.

*TIP: align the parts based on the order you remove them so you don't forget the arrangement of the parts. 

STEP 5: Once both kingpins are exposed, insert the slide block through the kingpins

STEP 6: Remember the washer from earlier? You don't have to put it back again. If your roller skates have shorter kingpins, you also don't have to put back the first bushing cover. 

STEP 7: Insert back the parts in the same order you removed them for both kingpins. 

STEP 8: Tighten the lock nut based on your preference on how loose you want your trucks to be when engaging your edges. 

*NOTE: If after putting all the parts back you find out that there is no more space on the kingpin to fasten the nut back, you can remove the first bushing cover. The slide block hanger can act as the bushing cover. 

There you have it. Your skates are now skate park ready. You can now do stalls and grinds in the skate park using your roller skates!

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