How to Change Roller Skate Wheels

Roller skaters change their wheels to match their skate location and activity. You can check this post to know more about the different types of roller skate wheels

Lets say you skated outdoors to day then you'll be going to the roller rink tomorrow. You'll need to change your wheels from outdoor wheels to indoor wheels for the roller rink. How are you gonna do that?

You can watch this short video to learn how to change your roller skate wheels.


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To change your wheels, you will need a bearing tool and 16 pcs of bearings.

⭐️ TIPID TIP: You can also use the old bearings from your current wheels. You just have to pull them out using the bearing tool. Then you can put these old bearings in your new wheels 



1. To install the bearings in the wheels, we first put one bearing in front of the wheel using the bearing tool to push it in.

If you have light up wheels, make sure the magnetic spacer is still in place in the middle. Before placing the second bearing.

Or if your wheels came with spacers, you can also put them in.

2. Next we put the second bearing at the back of the wheel pushing it again using the bearing tool.

This is how one wheel should look like.  




3. We repeat the steps 1 to 2 for all the remaining 7 wheels. Inserting 2 bearings in each wheel, front and back. 

4. After all the wheels have bearings, we now put them on the skates.

Insert the washer first (if your skates have washers) 

Then insert the wheel and tighten the nut.

5. Adjust the tightness of the nut so the wheel can spin freely. We put back all the remaining wheels.

And that is how you change your wheels. We have different indoor and outdoor wheels available in our shop. 


Watch out for our next tutorials. Happy skating! 

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