Different Types of Roller Skate Wheels

Roller skaters need different wheels depending on 2 factors:

  • the location where they'll skate
  • the type of skating they'll do 

Here are some characteristics of roller skate wheels you should take into consideration when choosing wheels. Each characteristic offers a different feel when you skate on your roller skates. 

You can watch this video for a short discussion on the different types of roller skate wheels. This article also offers more info on shape, size, and texture of roller skate wheels that are not in the video.


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There are 2 main types of wheels:

  • indoor wheels
  • outdoor wheels

We determine them by identifying their hardness.

The Durometer or hardness of roller skate wheels usually range from 78A to 103A. The higher the number the harder the wheels are. The lower the number, the softer the wheels are.

We use soft wheels or gummy wheels for outdoor skating or when skating on rough surfaces. We use hard wheels for indoor skating or when skating on smooth floors. 

Here are some examples of the wheels:

  1. Radar Energy wheels are one of the most popular outdoor wheels. Its durometer is at 78A. A lot of skaters love using this outdoors and it has a lot of good reviews. Skaters claim that roads in here in the Philippines become less rough when you use these.  
  2. Luminous Wheels are famous for their light up wheels and it has a durometer of 85A. This is a hybrid wheel. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.
  3. Riva wheels are indoor wheels. It has a durometer of 96A. This is used in rinks, for jam skating or dance skating. I personally enjoy using riva wheels indoors. It's smoother compared to using gummy wheels indoors since gummy wheels are sticky indoors.
  4. Moxi Fundae wheels are also indoor wheels, though some say it's a hybrid wheel. According to Moxi, it has a 92A hardness. These wheels are famous because of its marbled design and skaters love using them for park skating because of its shape. It has rounded edges (more on this below).
  5. CIB park wheels are the hardest roller skate wheels I've seen so far. It has variations with 98A and 103A hardness. As the name suggests, these wheels are used for park skating. These wheels also have a round edge and they have grooves on the side too. More details on grooves below. 



As mentioned above, the Moxi Fundae wheels and the CIB park wheels have round edges compared to other wheels. The shape of wheels also affects your ride. Rounder wheels will allow you to go faster and do maneuvers faster. They are generally used on smooth surfaces. On the other hand wheels with sharper edges have more grip and can be used on rough surfaces. 

Round Edge

 Square Edge



One more thing we look at wheels is their size.

The smaller the wheel, the easier you can do turns and maneuvers. With bigger wheels, you’ll go faster and have a smoother ride, but it will take more effort to do quick maneuvers  Common sizes are 57mm, 62mm, and 65mm. 



As mentioned above, the CIB Park wheels have grooves on the side. Grooves are for speed and grip. These reduce friction so the skater can go faster. These wheels are typically used for park skating. 

So those are the things you should consider when choosing roller skate wheels. Where you will skate and what type of skating you will do are important considerations when choosing which wheels you’ll use. But at the end of the day it’s all a matter of preference. 

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