Best Roller Skates for Kids in the Philippines

So a kid in your life wants to learn roller skating? Be it your child, your nephew or your niece, support them by getting them a pair of roller skates! How do you know which roller skates to get a child? 

Let us start by saying which roller skates you SHOULD NOT buy. It's skates that look like these: 

These skates are bad quality and it could be dangerous for the child plus they won't be able to learn much. Issues with this skate will be further explained in our next article. 

These are the roller skates you should get a kid. Here are the BEST ROLLER SKATES FOR KIDS IN THE PHILIPPINES:

Actually, any roller skate for adults can also be used by kids. You just have to get the right size. All roller skates Lokal Skate Supply carries have sizes both for adults and kids. Kids sizes in most roller skates are usually size 1-4.

We always recommend measuring the feet using a tape measure while standing up to get an accurate measurement for sizing. You can check out our sizing guide here to learn more. 

If your child is younger and have smaller feet, we can recommend these roller skates for kids:

1. Rookie Passion Adjustable Roller Skates for Kids

These skates have 4 sizes in one (sizes 1-4) so your kids can use these skates for years to come. They can even share it with their siblings. This is the skate that really gives you bang for your buck! 

Rookie is a skate brand in the UK and is well known in Europe. It is now locally available in the Philippines through Lokal Skate Supply PH

2. Riedell RW Wave Roller Skates for Kids

These skates come in even smaller sizes for younger kids who want to start roller skating early and for parents who want to maximize the child's potential. 

Riedell is a trusted skate company in the US manufacturing high quality, competition level skates for over 70 years already. And now they released this affordable roller skate designed for kids, while maintaining the proven Riedell quality and fit. With these skates, the child is guaranteed to start their roller skating journey early on the right path. 

Get your child the best quality roller skate for their learning journey and safety from Lokal Skate Supply PH

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